A brief introduction to old Indian Architecture

Indian architecture has its own golden history from thousand years ago. It was fully developed before one thousand ago too. You can see the examples of excellent architecture and its arts in all over India.  According to the time, the styles changed. In age of Mugal Saltnat, many changes .occurred in Indian architecture and world famous TaJ Mahal is its best example of it.  Taj  Mahal is one of the best example of excellent Indian architecture. After more than 300 years it looks like as a new building.  Due to its beauty every year thousands of the tourists around the globe come to see it.

Khajuraho temple is another example of excellent old Indian architecture.  It is the original format of stone sculpture that tells about Indian philosophy and mythology. Nagara style is replication of some structures which you can see in the temples of Madhya Pradesh. Konark Sun Temple is a 13th-century CE sun temple at Konark in Odisha, It is one of the best world famous temple and example of Indian architecture.

South India has also rich architecture history. Woooden idols are one of the great features of sculpture work in the temples of South India. Meenakshi Temple of Tamilnadu, Venkateswara Temple of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple  of Tiruchirapalli, Padmanabhaswamy Temple  of Kerala, Ramanathaswamy  of Rameswaram etc. are few great examples of old Indian architecture and engineering.

In addition to this, Parliament House  of India, and Rashtrapati Bhawan of India are few good example of Indian architecture. After Independence, few other temples like Somnath Temple of Gujarat, Akshardham Temple of Delhi came into existence and one of the best example of Indian Architecture.