An introduction to Steel Frames Construction

Today many construction firms use the steel frames for infrastructure of buildings. They use steel frames because of many benefits which you can understand it easily. The strength of any building depends on the strength of the materials used in construction. Steel construction is done with the help of particular types of steel which is called mild steel. It is a very strong and durable so good construction firms mostly use mild steel in construction of building.

Flexibility and bending is good features of mild steel. It can be bending easily without cracking. Flexibility saves the building in case of earthquake. This type of steel frame is not breakable as like glass. In case of heavy load it bends and makes a new shape slowly. Bending and flexibility gives the sufficient time to the residents of steel frame buildings in case of earthquakes as these building don’t collapse.

Durable steel frames are used in various types of residential as well as commercial building. Construction firms use steel frames in high-rise building due to low weight and strength of the steel. Also construction companies complete the construction fast by using steel frames. Steel frames are also used in warehouses or industrial buildings. It is also used in temporary building structure because of easily setup and removal.

Steel building construction can be of many types. These are conventional steel fabrication, light gauge steel and bolted frame. Conventional steel fabrication is used for final structure for improved the working condition. Light gauge steel is used in residential buildings. The metals are cut in thin sheets and then given to C-section design. Third bolted steel construction is  most popular method in metal construction. In this types of construction steel is bolted and task is done fast.