Choosing the right color for Walls

People want different color for their walls but find it difficult to choose which color will be best and suitable for their bed room, dining room, draying room, kid’s room, and kitchen. Use of right colors for walls reflects the sense of beauty.  Therefore many people are so afraid of selecting wrong color that they use only one color like white or brown in the walls.

Color of walls depends on various factors.  If you are buying a new home then give the importance to the wall color also from decorating points of view. Lighting is very important which change the look of the color of walls considerably.  You can use similar color in two different rooms. For example – one is bright & sunny and another is dark hall. These colors will look different to each other in day light.

Your choice in choosing color is very important so you can get an idea about wall colors from online magazine. Also it is a good to hire a professional interior designer to get other ideas about wall colors. Professional interior designers not only help you in choosing wall colors of different rooms but also suggest other ideas like lighting, mirror, painting etc. which increase the beauty of your home.

Before choosing the color of the walls you should give importance to the mood of the room like warm, cool or neutral.  You can use warm color in your dining room and dark color in your kid’s room. Some color create a feel of a big space, for example – blue, misty green, silvery gray etc.  Neutral color adds a balance to a room. For kitchen area you can use colorful tile with fruits and vegetable pictures. Another important thing is to select the right types and quality of paints and you can get all suggestions about this from your interior designers.