commercial touch

From Halls to malls ….anything commercial is what we deal in.

In any given situation, whether in an upscale restaurant, or in a regular one the guest should always be the center of attention. In any successful business it is essential to care about the customer and try to fulfill his or her needs by all means. Especially in today’s world, consumers are looking for change and want to get away from it all. This also means that it is not sufficient anymore to count on having a renowned chef and excellent food in your restaurant anymore. It is more and more necessary to distinguish your restaurant through first-class service and create that special atmosphere in which guests will feel comfortable.

It takes much more than simply changing the colour of the walls, putting up new curtains, changing the lights, buying new tableware or furniture when planning and designing a restaurant. The architecture and the design of the actual space create the stage for the play, in which the idea and concept of the owner or designer have to be visually translated to the guests. The challenge here is to prepare guests for a culinary experience. This can be achieved through the right use of colours, materials and lightning to stimulate all five senses.