How to avoid hiring wrong architects

So you planning to build a house, great idea hire an architect and ease out the work, but wait what if you end up choosing a wrong architect. I would suggest before you get into the mud it’s better to do your homework. Go for an architect who will work with you and understand your thought process & design process and make good suggestions, not push you in a direction that is not comfortable is the right architect for residence. For a good start discuss with your architect on the list for needs, site plan as well as budget. Do a little research as to what kind of architect you are meeting to get a fair idea of whathe really can do for you. A blog like minewould provide ideas of what can be expected from a right architect for residence. If your architect is not willing to listen to you or use some of your ideas your likings and just want to impose his own views and ideas that can be an alarm to cut the cord. Starting from basic structure design tofloor plans, elevations, selection of site, finding a contractor, construction withsupervision there are many services that we as architects provide.

If you planning a dream house the entire process could bestressful, as location and layout can be challenging part at the initial stage itself. You might not be able to find a house plan that impeccablygoes with your space. That is when we come into the picture to make things easy for you. Hiring the right architect for residence can benefit you in many ways ranging from saving time and money, before the construction even begins it gives clarity how the outcome will and should look like, whether it’s suiting your desired goal or not, it also helps in the regulatory building procedure and the construction process becomes more organised hence minimum risk. A right architect for residence is one who provides two way communication which eventually helps the project. You may know you have hired a wrong architect when there are no questions from him as without gathering any information how will any good architect can prepare a systematic design and blend it the lined up construction. Also if he only wants to use his own ideas it’s a complete no no, as it would be very difficult working together.