How to find a good architect

The first and foremost thing an architect would do is to visit and analyze the site and understand from the client’s to what they have thought for the design to share their ideas, think of budget, and housing requirements to develop a detailed understanding of the building site. To magnify the concept for clarity, the architect present the key concepts as well as rough sketches underlining the sizes, basic layout, and appearance of the building and so that it can go hand in   with the complete layout and structure.A good architect may provide multiple iterations for making the client finalizing having options.

Once the client gives a go ahead signal on the initial design, the next step is to get into the nitty-gritty of the work for making a rough concept of three-dimensional interactions into a real building design with floor plans, a roof design, and  some of the interior and exterior changes and giving a building a unique grace and character. This includes scale drawings, a structural plan, and terms for the main components of the building. With modern design software these days, the client can take a look at the whole house at this point in 3-D and walk through the 3D building on the computer screen. A good architect also provides detailed drawings if there is a requirement to obtain a building permit.

Hiring an architect for the complete solution services starting from the initial design to move-in  sounds pretty appealing if you don’t have enough time or skills to design and handle the project all by yourself.  And if you find the right architect, then nothing like it. You will be relieved of a lot of responsibilities and headaches.

Any good architect would first focus on the structural and technical side of the construction, then would touch the planning and organizational areas. A good architect for home is one who not only understands your requirements in details but also keep you updated and posted on current ongoing scenarios. Also a good architect communicates with the client and keeps them informed on each step he is working on so that the client can be rest assured.

No doubt getting all the qualities in a single individual is rare and difficult but not impossible.

The important thing when it comes to finding a good architect for home who fits your individual requirements:

  • An architect who can work as an agent to keep an eye on the contractor throughout the project.
  • Compared to a common man with needs an architect would present better designs. A glimpse his work would speak for itself that he is a good architect for home. As an architect creates interesting and creative designs, a highly functional floor plan, natural lighting and ventilation, and decent integration with the building site.
  • He is the one who avoids design errors which are common in plan books or with inexperienced designers.
  • A good architect for home is one who gives clarity to the client on each and every aspect starting from clearly telling the working module and payment module.