How to Keep Your House Cool without Cranking the A/C

It is a real challenge to keep a home cool during summers with the ever-rising mercury levels. Coolers, fan and air conditioners are helpful but there is need to be more cautious when dealing with summer. A home is a comfortable place for taking a rest after a long day of various activities and it cannot be achieved when the rooms are extremely hot. The air conditioners are very helpful but you cannot keep them on 24/7. It is bad for the environment and certainly not viable for everyone.

There are various tricks that you can use to make your home comfortable during summers without necessarily using cranking A/C. Air conditioning is not at everyone’s disposal and also running an air conditioner for a full day is expensive as well as harmful to the environment. Installation of blinds in windows is an effective way of blocking direct sun heat and keeping your home cool. Also, you can use cotton for pillow and bed covers and night suit as it helps in good ventilation. Windows should be opened strategically and avoid the east windows in the daytime and open at 6 pm and ensure furniture are away from the windows so as not to block air ventilation.

Other important tricks include:

  • Growing plants near windows and on terrace rooftops
  • painting the roof floor white for reflection of sun rays and the room walls with light shades
  • using velvet curtains and drawing the curtain during the day
  • having multiple windows and doors to allow for cross air ventilation
  • Turning off gadgets and appliances that are not in use
  • avoid carpets and mop the floor using cold water
  • keep potted plants in various rooms
  • Keep an aquarium or a fishbowl where there is less space
  • Keep a bottle of ice near a table fan if you are using it for better cooling effect
  • Remove clutters in your rooms