How to Protect an Interior Wood Threshold?

Thresholds most times go unnoticed although not very doorway has them and this makes them always stand out. However, the thresholds are an ideal addition to a doorway especially when the floor on both sides has some distinctive differences with that of your neighbor and you are looking for a separation barrier that will hinder you from meeting each other abruptly. They are also good for preventing warm or cool air from escaping or entering as well as stopping drafts.

Indoor thresholds need some kind of maintenance which solely depends on your choice. It can neither be sealing with urethra, painting or staining. Thresholds need some kind of coating to protect it from getting damaged, marked or getting dirty. There are various ways of maintaining your wood thresholds as explained below.
You can stain the hardwood floors as follows:

• Sand the threshold lightly on all sides
• Prepare the stain
• Apply the satin slowly in coats if you want to match the hardwood floor color
• Apply a sealer once done for extra protection.
For painting:
• Sand the threshold lightly on all sides
• Prepare paint which should be oil-based for shinning and long lasting
• Apply at least two coats and let it dry in between
• Apply a sealer for extra protection.
If you want to maintain the natural state of the threshold, you can varnish it to protect it from foot traffic:
• Sand the threshold lightly on all sides
• prepare an oil-based varnish
• Apply at least two coasting and let it dry in between.
It is vital to add some caulking around the edges. It is done to prevent dirt from getting caught in the open spaces since thresholds are crossed by many feet and some gook may just stick around given a chance.