How to Start a Career as Interior Decorators


Interior decoration requires creativity in planning and designing spaces which can be for individuals or businesses. It can be done on entire houses, single rooms or even redecoration of a company’s interior. Elements such as artwork, color, paint, furniture and lighting play a major role in determining the style to be used in the creation of designs for potential clients.

A degree or formal education is not a primary necessity for one to become an interior decorator.  Taking a few classes and obtaining a diploma can be credible enough. Decorating history and different kinds of styles are essential knowledge to those who want to venture in interior decoration.  Practicing in this field as a volunteer makes your performance incredible, as well as building a portfolio.

Portfolio building gives a person a chance to showcase their work to potential clients. An efficient portfolio can be done by taking pictures before and after the decoration. The portfolio can be in the form of recommendation letters, fabric samples, flooring samples, and photos. Interior decorators should show excellent skills when it comes to communicating with their suppliers, clients, and store owners.

Interior decoration is a competitive field which could require individuals to work in retail shops or furniture stores as a way of building their experience.  Even though interior decoration does not necessarily need a degree, interior designers are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in design. It is important to note that both the interior designers and decorators have similar duties such as overseeing the furniture setups and doing consultations with the clients.