How to Use Pink in Your Home without Going Too Saccharine

For those who have an affinity for pretty colors, pink is one of the colors that you can go with when it comes to the decoration of your living room. You can make use of deep shades of raspberry to give your living room that historical look. The combination of both artworks and black and white patterns will tend to give your room that modern sensation rather than the usual feminine feel that pink is usually associated with.

It is important to bring in furniture that complements the living room with life. Make a point of not using furniture from the same locality, you can mash up those from two different countries such as English and French furniture. To lighten the whole living room, it is advisable that you make use of bright colored furniture to complement any other dark colored pieces available. Contrast should be well curved out in the respective rooms by use of black accents or rug walls. One trick that you can employ to promote uniqueness in any room is through the mixing of raffia and silks.

Most raffia plays a huge role when it comes to the selling of bright colors such as pink. Also of importance to note is the need to maintain a neutral palette right at that entry hall. Things like bamboo armchairs can be of great help when it comes to the making of the dining room seem less stuffy. Of importance to note is that raffia can help you achieve or attain the right standards necessary to show off your collection of both black and pink seat fabrics.