Interior Design services provided by professionals

Interiors for today is popular topic, it brings many different variants of home improvement. But even now, when we all have internet – not all people understand the difference between two concept – interior decorating and interior design. For some people it’s same. But let’s look deeper. Skilled interior designers can also provide decorating services, but decorator doesn’t have any idea about interior design. This is main difference.If someone makes business as an interior designer, in this case his education and base of service much more than can have decorator.

We can say, that professional interior designer has a college education and usually two-three years of experience.Designer plans and create interior design of building. They can work with blueprints to design the compartments of a room, openness, division of space. They determine what inside of a building will be like from a professional view. As example, when any person will have a look at floor plan drawing, they can see details of the interior space.They can see where will locate door, various rooms, dividers and walls. Also can be in there kitchen, bathroom, closet design.

A designer make the plan of the home in his mind, when they he is tasked with making the interior of a house or apartment, or of a residential apartment. If designer offer design services he can do also decorating part.  The interior decorator can have no special education, because decorator doesn’t join to deep structure of house like designer. Interior decorator can make color scheme, furniture, lights.