Is interior design different from interior decorating?


Interior design is a profession that brings together a technical and creative solution in a single structure with the aim of achieving a built interior environment. Both solutions are aesthetically attractive as they portray the culture and quality of life and are functional. 

Interior designer or decorator is said to be a person whose profession is to plan the furnishing and decorations of the interior of the house whereas some state that an interior decorator is an individual who specializes in wallpapering and painting the house. People hold the two professions at different ranks where the interior designer is given a high standard than the decorator while others say they are one and the same thing.

The main activities of the professionals differ. The interior designers primary role is to build an interior environment while the interior decorators main function is to furnish and decorate.  It is said that the interior designer handles the same scope of work with the interior decorator but goes much further in details of their work.  The interior designer makes sure he or he understands the needs of their employees so as t bring out the desired aesthetic attraction.

Interior designs vary from one place to another and building to building.  The same interior designs cannot be used for hotels, casinos, restaurants, learning institutions and hospitals. Also, it is critical to know that interior designs accepted in one area might not be embraced the same in other regions. Today, the challenges the designers face is the ability to make sure they minimize the usage of non-renewable energy sources without losing the aesthetic charm required in the interior design.