Know how to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Tree

There is no right or wrong way of hanging the Christmas light on your tress as long as the final results will be epic. Some people will argue that hanging the lights top-bottom is the ideal way because the plug is at the end of the strand which makes it closer to the outlet and the bottom of the tree. Others will argue that the bottom-top is the best way since one is able to plug the light the first and it is easier to see what the lit tree resembles. Such arguments have raised debates on how to hang the Christmas lights tree from time to time.  Various people have their views but whichever way you find suitable especially when you have a tree should be your way.

For those who prefer hanging the Christmas tree from the top to bottom should start at the top of the tree. They should intertwine the lights on the top and under the branches. They then should work on their way down as well as around the tree hanging the lights in the back. Any extra lighting should be hidden once a person reaches the bottom of the tree. If anyone needs an additional lighting, then it should be done again in a systematic way from the top. For the best results, it is advisable to tie the lights close to each other.

For those who prefer hanging the lights from the bottom to the top, they should start at the bottom and zigzag the lights string through the tree in various sections around the tree.  They should also place some of the lights deeper in the branches and place others closer to the front for the purposes of creating depth. The light connectors should be pushed deeper in the branches. Once on the top, one can either have an extension cord running down or tuck the remaining lights in the back of the tree. For effective results, it is ideal to avoid using spiral or any other obvious pattern.