Role of Architecture

Nowadays, interior designing has become one of the most important works in the life, it can be define as a profession in relation to each what is going on within the space walls, windows, doors, finishes, textures, light, furnishings and furniture, the design of space inside homes and building such as choice of decor in other hand is the trade of planning the layout and furnishing of an architectural interior. It shows the art of the person and each design shows a particular person and has a distinctive design, even if it has more than one design, but there remains a personal touch shows the designer himself. Interior design is not far removed from the architecture, but is associated entirely. It cannot build without a design from the inside and it cannot also design the building internally without external. Architecture is for us a collective term for the material environment, for interior design, surface engineering, infrastructure, urban planning, landscape and region, but also for their construction and appropriation, for planning, construction, and inhabiting. Theory of architecture is a survey of the built environment by its inhabitants and it goes hand in hand with interior designing.