Secret Room Design Ideas That Interior Decorators Would Never Tell You Free

Let’s find out secret ideas that you should know that interior decorators may not want you to know for free. Read here to get insight into all their secrets.

Couch arrangement

To compliment your couch, it is important to use twenty-inch square pillows. The pillows should resemble each other and you should place them at all corners of your couch. For a stylish look, you should introduce other sixteen-inch pillows and a single lumber pillow to add to the arrangement.

Artwork Placement

Make sure not to place your masterpiece artworks too high above your furniture. It Is important that they are placed three to eight inches depending on the size of the artwork. Getting it right on where to place your artworks will ensure that there is no too much space left between the artworks and the furniture.

Book arrangement

Books should be arranged in such a manner that sixty percent of the total amount of books are placed in a vertical manner while the remaining forty percent of the books are in a horizontal manner on a shelve. Those in a horizontal manner should be slightly lower than those in a vertical manner. You should make appoint to introduce green plants with the exception of flowers as a means of softening the appearance of the bookshelf.

Mirror placement

Mirrors should be centrally placed at about fifty-seven inches from the ground as most people tend not to strain their eyes at this level. Place the mirror next to a window in order to create the illusion of more space.

The size of the rug

The size of the rug should determine how you arrange your furniture around it. An eight by ten-foot rug should have the front feet of your furniture touching the rug only. A five by eight-foot rug should have the sofa totally off the rug with its front legs touching the rug. Two rugs should be used in a fairly large room.

Dining table

Make sure that it is more than thirty-six inches so that there is more space for eating in the event the table is completely full of dishes and centerpieces. In the event of a smaller dining area, you should consider getting a round dining table.

Color palette and Coffee table

The room should consist of sixty percent of the dominant color, thirty percent of the secondary color and ten percent of the accent color. Always use a fifteen to the twenty-inch tall coffee table that should be placed eighteen inches from the sofa.