Tips for Dussehra Home Decoration!

The Durga Puja, otherwise known as Dussehra is celebrated with a lot of festivity across India. Owing to its importance, home preparations are done early with every family eager to embellish their homes in the best way possible. Clearly, home cleaning and de-cluttering are a must when at this time, these families will be seeking the blessing of the Goddess. But however, knowing how to compliment it with other common practices is a useful tool in making your decorations perfect.

Using Rangoli at the entrance of the house not only makes it fascinating but also plain and dull efficiently. Rangoli (usually made from rice and colored sand bonded by rice floor) are put in place together with flowers of colors that depict invitation. A Maa Durga statue carefully selected to fit the design and size of a house is an important feature that changes the ambiance of your house. Don’t to leave the house entrance looking elegant by placing bright flower garlands strategically.

The looks of both indoors and outdoors are also enhanced with LED lights to illuminate the compound with festive colors. An expert in decoration can help improve your lights illumination together with Diyas that are placed around the house in desired patterns. Another tip is to make up your furniture and upholstery. Here, use Simple modifications such as changing the cushion and curtains with colors that give the house a different outlook as well as make it look clean.

Balconies should not be left un-attended but should be enriched with flowers particularly two blends of white and yellow or marigold garlands that make them have a festive look. Finally, make your tables look awesome by lighting candles and placing clear glasses with water and immersing flowers in then and crown it ally by floating colored candles in them.