Tips to choose the best architectural services

If you not highly skilled and extremely confident in dealing with architects and dealing with building regulations, it is better to call in an expert or a design professional to help circle the project. Planning your new home is the fun part but finding the right person to do the job for you can be a headache.


It is a fact that architects have gained a name for listening to a brief and then providing what can be the best possible. It is true to say that each individual will have his or her own preferences, style and trademarks, so always try to find someone with experience in designing the kind of home which you desire. Many people believe that an architect’s main purpose is to provide a set of plans and drawings by focusing and choosing the cheapest option however while selecting the best architectural services they often miss out on a whole range of other services.These can include plot finding and analysis, design and feasibility studies, planning and building regulations submissions, tender packages, contract administration, supervising the build and signing off the completed project with an architect’s support.

Architectural Experts

Designing individual houses and buildings is the main interest particularly if one can produce something imaginative and unique.


Surveyors are a leading source of advice on all aspects of land, property, construction and the associated environmental issues. There are many fields of practice within the profession and it would be important to select those surveyors who specifically deal with architectural design, project management or a combination of relevant skills.

Turnkey Designers

Another option is to approach us Design Spa as we offer complete self-build packages from understanding your requirement to making the architectural plan, from designing to supplying the materials and from supervising the entire work to completing construction. This can prove to be much easier and co-ordinated for you, as well as competitively priced. Right from understanding your design to sharing the architectural plan; from procurement of raw materials to manpower management; from maintaining high standards of quality control to delivering the finished project on time, turnkey solutions ensure professional expertise with no coordination hassles and different contractors for each job. This also makes the payment process much easier, apart from escaping the turmoil of explaining your design to each contractor and hoping that all of it comes together in the end result. Turnkey basically provides from thoughts on paper to execution in real in a convenient manner.

Structural Engineers

Structural engineers focus more on the safety, competence and grace of buildings and engineering structures. They work with other professionals in design and construction, but also take responsibility for how buildings and other structures respond to loadings considering the weight of the building. Designs must not only be safe, but also efficient and easy to build. When it comes to individual homes, our architectural experts work in conjunction with another design professional.

Interior Designers

Interior design firms like ours also act as project managers, co-ordinating architects and craftsmen and preferably suited to a renovation project where they are working with an existing building which needs revamping. We at first give estimates and consultations, and can save money by avoiding expensive mistakes with colour schemes and structural alterations. The Interior Decorators and Designers can provide full guidance.

Making a Choice

If you are confident about your own building skills you might simply need someone to prepare a set of drawings for submission to the planning authority i.e. only getting the architectural plan ready. At the other end of the scale you may prefer to employ someone who can help you through the whole process from choosing a site to completion. You can use one design professional or a combination of people to produce the same result an architect could design the initial concept, with the detailed design and specifications drawn up by an architectural expert and the project overseen by a project manager, quantity surveyor or engineer with an interior designer brought in at the final stages. We atDesign Spa identify your needs and then match these to the professional who will be best suited to assist you.

Architecture is a service-based profession. Architects provide design services and characteristicallypackage other administrative, planning, and construction services. Each architecture is structured differently, has varied design aesthetic preferences, and is skilled at different subsets of the profession. Tips to choose the best architectural services in Delhi NCR:-

1. Get multiple quotes

2. Talk to Previous Clients

3.View Previous Work

4.Meet the Team

5.Understand Firm Scale/Limitations/Determination

6.Ask About Other Projects in Their Pipeline