Top Interior Design Trends in 2015

We at Design Spa have been observing that multi-material items are getting really popular. It is virtually like the house is being curved into scrapbook art. I personally believe it is unflappable style and it opens up a lot of scope for creativity.

We quite praise the idea of colorful unique Rugs, however I believe that there are variety of other established trends in interior design linked with the increasing desire for sustainability, durability, eco-living, comfort and composure that will continue in 2015:

– reprocessed  material even at unexpected places

– copper and its earnest varieties;

– pastels

Texture wall & decor and Mirrored furniture are my favorite. It basically enhances and improvises the shine of entire interiors. We also believe that, shelving prearrangement can also be a part of the design as they are amendable and have modern look too.

We have the best interior designers in Delhi and NCR providing prevalent interior design trends 2015 which includes comfortable as well as luxurious and organic designs, eco-home or green-home decorating ideas and romantic intonations, brightness and functionality of trendy design and they are always surprising and warm cultural interior decorating ideas. Prevalent interior trends 2015 allow to craft captivating blends of pure archetypal and elegant with contemporary minimalist style, weave, matte pastels and vivid room colors into Space design with prominent contrasts of black and white decorating ideas.

Modern interior design trends 2015 is a mixture of natural elements, neutral colors and rural textures with innovative and surprising decoration ideas, contemporary man-made materials that reflects the look of solid wood, metal and natural stone textures. Colorful decoration patterns and fabric prints clubbed with the driftwood furniture and lighting fixtures in white color tones. We have the best interior designers to reflect the top interior design of 2015 by keeping it simple yet stylish.