What Are Pre-Construction Services

The pre-construction services are the additional services rendered by some construction managers and builders at the front end of a project before starting. The main purpose of these services is to help the client achieve their goal and designs from the project conception. Saving time and money is the end result of the pre-construction services.

The pre-construction services vary depending on which phase the construction managers and the builders were hired and the specific project. First, the contractor is interested in knowing what the client wants to achieve. Things like location, budget, timeline, design ideas, personal concerns among other factors must be disclosed for the project t succeed as well as to achieve the ultimate goal of the client.

The construction contractor also visits the project site to do a review as well as provide information on construction ideas, soil conditions, utilities and the concerns of local government jurisdictions. The builder recommends a team that will be ideal for the project including the engineers, lenders, designers, architects, land brokers, insurance agents or even the real estate agents.

During the pre-construction services, the contractor will give estimate preliminary costs estimates which can be updated to accuracy.  The contractor is also able to recommend alternate materials that can be used to sync with the budget of the client.  The contractor is also mandated to review the constructions drawings and documents to make sure building system, materials, and construction-related concerns are raised.

The contractor is able to come up with a timeline showing the activities that will take place at different phases of the project.  When the construction drawings are fully completed and documents approved by the client, the contractor puts up the documents and drawing up to bid. They can then present the cost proposals to the client and discuss the contract agreement among other options. It is vital to hire a contractor or a builder for the pre-construction service for any construction project as it comes with a lot of benefits.