What is green interior design – an introduction?

Many people don’t know exactly what ‘Green’ interior design is.  Well! Green Interior Design is different from traditional form of interior design. The main purpose of green interior design is to improve environment condition and quality of air in the home area.

Now in India, many people want green interior design because of its environment friendly nature. There are few basic guidelines for green interior design. In many countries the relevant authority has prepared few primary guidelines for green interior design.

There are few basic and important metrics which green interior designer must follow.  These are falling the carbon emissions, conserving water, betterment of energy efficiency, improvement in the indoor air quality and natural resources husbanding.

The ultimate goal of green interior design is to keep the people healthy by creating better environment. If you want green interior design for your home then you should hire highly skilled and experienced interior designers who can improve insulation of house and lower carbon emission easily and successfully.

Green interior designers use compact fluorescent light bulbs, energy saving power strips and energy efficient home appliances as well as other action to reduce the energy consumption because lower energy consumption means lower carbon emissions.  Green interior design not only improves the health condition of the people but also reduce the bill every month due to lower energy consumption.  So we can say a green interior designer is one who is a natural resource manager also along with an interior designer.