What is interior design and how it is different from interior decorating

Interior design requires specific and formal training. The work includes placing colours and fabric, Auto-CAD training, drawings as well as working drawings, space planning, designer furniture and most importantly architecture of it. Interior designers mostly work with architects and contractors to achieve the outcome the client desires, whether the interior has to be done of a residential home, an office, a hotel, anything commercial or any interior space for that matter, whereas interior decorators not necessarily require formal training because an interior decorators focus is primarily on aesthetics. Interior decorators do not get involved in renovations or structural engineering, Their work starts once that part is complete and their main focus is only on look of the space not main functionality of it.

Interior decorators main job is to help clients decide on a style, choosing the colour combinations, giving variety for the furniture and accessorize the space in the best way possible. They most often work on an existing space or one can say they redo it. Interior decorators generally do not have to work with any contractors or architects however they do work with furniture makers, various other vendors and many industry professionals.

To simplify in a layman’s language, if structural changes such as removing a wall around, or adding a new space like window or extra room or doors or anything which even involves electrical plumbing work as well an interior designer is needed whereas if there are no structural changes required but you need help deciding on a style; choosing wallpaper, paint, and furnishings, picking window treatments, and choosing lighting and accessories, an interior decorator will do wonders.

Both interior designers and interior decorators create beautiful spaces, however they are two separate things. In short, interior designers may decorate, but interior decorators do not design. So we at Design Spa follow one thing design and decorate”.