When you need a commercial interior designer

Need for a commercial interior designer arises when the designing work has to be done not only systematically but also following the basic regulations given under the industry standards. Commercial interior Designers specialize in the following areas of commercial design:

  • Entertainment:- Entertainment designing comes under commercial design which constitutes together the use of interiors, sound & lighting and other technologies for videos movies, television, musical theatre, dramatic and clubs, concerts, industrial projects and theme parks.
  • Retail:- Retail design in commercial designing concentrate on store planning & retail venues, including boutiques, department stores, outlets, showrooms, food retailing centres and shopping malls.
  • Hospitality/Restaurant:- Hospitality design is one of the most interesting part of commercial designing which focuses on spaces that entertain or basically which host the public, including restaurants, theatres nightclubs, hotels, country clubs, golf facilities, cruise & ships and conference halls etc.
  • Office:- Office design as a part of commercial designing focuses on the public and private areas utilized by corporate and professional service firms.
  • Health Care:- Health care designers contribute to commercial designs by creating environments for hospitals, clinics, examination rooms, surgical suites, nursing, long term care facilities etc
  • Government/Institutional:- A government designer is also a commercial designer itself, he is familiar with the very specific needs and requirements associated with working with government agencies, such as military bases, government offices or federal buildings. An institutional designer focuses on projects such as educational, religious, child care, correctional &recreational facilities, police stations & fire stations, courts, libraries, auditoriums embassies, museums and all types of terminals for transportation.

So as and when such environments or spaces or institutions have to be designed need for a commercial interior designer is there and we at Design Spa anywhere in Delhi NCR  simplify commercial interior designing as per the industry standards with complete solution.